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Crisis at the Bookstore!

Look! That book cover is PURTY. Didn’t that book get reviewed in the Times this weekend?

Should I buy it?

I only sold a few widgets at the widgetmart this weekend. I want the book! But how will I know my widget dollars are going where I want them to go?

Thinker for Hire!

Should I buy this book?!?!?

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The Reviews Are In

Everyone is reviewing this movie.


Between the book and the movie, I’d say the book is a tad more feminist. Based on the reviews. But only a tad.

I don’t care. I want Tina Fey to make a gazillion dollars and buy an island where she can relax. She deserves it.

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A Year in Reading Women, Continued

The second in a 2 or 3 part series. Who knows what else I’ll decide I need to say about this?

On Friday I articulated the notion of Feminist Compromise:

That if you care about full equality for women (and other disempowered groups), and you also want to participate in the world like by watching TV or reading books,  you have to compromise.


In just about any experience with popular culture. Many workplace interactions. Flipping through any magazine with ads.

Once you learn how to see it, the feminist way of seeing disempowerment everywhere, you can’t unsee it. And you don’t want to. Even though this new sight—Femi-vision!—pretty much bars you from contented consumption of most entertainment.

However, the Bechdel Rule will only get you so far. Sometimes you just want a sitcom and a beer before bed. Hence the Compromise.

The real rules for women

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