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I Believe Dylan Farrow

Dylan Farrow wrote another op ed, this time in the LA Times. Please read it.

Even bad reviews of this man’s movies are press. Get Wonder Wheel off of all screens. Delete all references to it. Cancel his production deals. Replace him with one of any number of visionary women directors whose talents have gone too long ignored.

Sever him from our collective consciousness.

As I said, rape culture is rapists making our culture.

Get Woody Allen out of our culture.

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My Review of The Martian

Science and American ingenuity win the day!

But. In the future, can’t we put the people of color IN SPACE and make the white people solve all the science on the ground?

Science fiction’s purpose, quantified:

68%: Imagining a better world*
15%: Boobs
5%: Guns
5%: Spaceships
7%: Boobs with guns on spaceships

Crunch the numbers, Hollywood. Put Donald Glover on it.

*Including dystopias, as the negative space of a better world we could build if we considered the consequences of our current shenanigans. Like putting only white people in space.

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Feeling Old Never Felt So Good

And then Alyssa Rosenberg helped me feel awesome about how much I love Clueless, which turns 18 today.

And then Jezebel hosted a gif party to celebrate.

Shabbat Shalom, Happy Obama Thoughtful Race Speech, and Have a Great Weekend, friends.

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Thank You, Roger Ebert

He was a gorgeous writer.

I loved Siskel & Ebert when I was way too young to understand what most of those movies were about and probably shouldn’t have been watching them reviewed on TV. Oops.

Here’s the obit from his home paper.

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The Reviews Are In

Everyone is reviewing this movie.


Between the book and the movie, I’d say the book is a tad more feminist. Based on the reviews. But only a tad.

I don’t care. I want Tina Fey to make a gazillion dollars and buy an island where she can relax. She deserves it.

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The First Family of Purity

I remember when I first heard about the Colorado Springs-based Father Daughter Purity Balls. The sun was setting over the California coast. A cool breeze rippled my surgical gown. I was getting my monthly abortion at Planned Parenthood, right before my date with my drug dealer. So when I learned of the family that would destroy my ability to murder babies carelessly and routinely (it’s just like tossing out a tampon you guys!), I waged permanent war on all those that would stand in my way.

Because this so-called culture war? Some people think of it as an actual war.

You choose either Jesus or Satan, locked in timeless struggle over your soul. Which side are you on?

Abortion rights is central to an ongoing political struggle between the religious right and everyone else. Everyone with any skin in the game sees abortion as the tip of a political-cultural iceberg, founded on the Constitution, the role of religion in public policy, the health care system (over a sixth of our GDP), the economy, race, class, ability. And, oh yeah, women.

Women’s and girls’ bodies are both the weapons and the spoils of this “war.”

This is one context for Mirjam von Arx‘s provocative documentary, Virgin Tales, which I was lucky to see at the Denver Film Festival this weekend.

Just a routine family photo sesh

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