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Activist for Hire

Earlier this week, I shuffled off this mortally cerebral coil and participated in a direct political action, like those Indivisible friends suggested, to shame my Republican senator into changing his mind about ACA repeal.

It didn’t work.

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Mid Week Roundup

Ezra Klein puts his smarty pants on (does he ever take them off?) and breaks down the Ryan and Romney budgets.

What we (don’t) talk about when we talk about Medicare.

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Cheesecake Factory Health Care

The Cheesecake Factory is like Shark Week: Universally beloved and a little bit funny.

Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

Eat every meal like it’s the Cheesecake Factory.

Perform every surgery like it’s at HCA.

Atul Gawande, whose health care reporting is usually the Shark Week of the New Yorker, wrote an essay that’s more like Squirrel Week. About how maybe hospitals can be more like the Cheesecake Factory.

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Heart Stents for All!

It turns out that 43% (FORTY THREE PERCENT) of cardiac procedures were deemed unnecessary, according to evidence-based guidelines. In Michigan. Where some researchers did a study.

What makes Michigan so special?

I want my heart stent and I want it NOW. Better make it two. I plan to eat a lot of bacon and ice cream next week. Bacon ice cream.

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CBO’s Estimates of post-SCOTUS Obamacare

Ok, I thought I would stick to the lighthearted DC-on-TV blogging for today. But then on my way out I saw this post at Wonkblog.

The non-partisan spreadsheet warriors at the Congressional Budget Office calculated the effects of the Supreme Court decision that states could opt out of the act’s Medicaid expansion.

Give it to me straight, doc.

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Health Care Reform Roundup, Part 2

It took me a silly long time to check in with the New Yorker‘s coverage of the health care decision.

(When I was teaching a li’l here and there on media studies, I liked pointing out that the effete literary magazines were doing the most relevant, important journalism in the country. I’m talking the New Yorker‘s masterful long-form journalism on both domestic and international affairs. And the NY Review of Books, actually, which broke some serious stories during the Iraq War, and since.)


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