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On the Sound of Music Remake

Yup. Another pointless remake from studios who realized that they don’t need to pay good writers anymore. Y’all can wind your watches by it–except no one wears watches anymore bc checking the time is another excuse to get sucked into the smartphones.

What about the plot about how a white, blond, wealthy, non-disabled, non-gay, non-Jewish, non-Roma, non-anything-Hitler-disliked family had to flee the Nazis or be killed?

What are they gonna do with that story?

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Dissident Gardens is a Contender

For the Great American Novel.

Inasmuch as one ought to exist. Inasmuch as we’d know it now, if we happened upon it.

Glibly, the GAN is a bit like the Jewish Messiah: a concept that shapes our experience, that many people contest, and that, if it ever arrived, would signify the end of the world and life as we know it. And what fun would that be. Plus there’s the whole Jesus thing.

(Clearly, I’m not the kind of Jew who forswears her Twitter feed on the Shabbos. Ahem.)

For reals, here was my first reaction to Dissident Gardens, a basically plotless novel about 3 generations of secular Jewish lefties:


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How I Became Marxist (Marx Brothers!!!!!!)

Like this:

I finally saw Duck Soup for the first time since young, young youth.

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Mother-In-Law vs TSA (Guess Who Wins?)

I was away from the bloggerator for a few days, but on my adventures, I saw this. Once more, The Atlantic’s Middle East reporter gave me the giggles.

Goldblog’s tiny, retired librarian mother-in-law was detained after the TSA screen-machine found an “anomaly in the crotch area.” Needless to say, there was no anomaly.

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Ginzo is from Mars (Mad Men Tuesday)

One of the many, many surprises of this week’s episode was that, after Peggy crashed full speed into a very low glass ceiling and crumpled back down, it was her conversation with Ginsburg, about the Holocaust, that compelled her to seek her boyfriend’s comfort.

Mad Men is not the first work of art to juxtapose the horrors of the Holocaust with the excess of postwar US leisure culture. My favorite version of this grotesque technique is Lolita, which also uses exploitative sexuality to try to make sense of the whole mishegas.

"Actually, I'm from Mars"

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The Nightingale’s Thorn (Ozick Post)

In a 1997 interview, Cynthia Ozick explains why she rejects the phrase “women’s writer” but accepts “Jewish writer”:

“Jewish” is a category of civilization, culture, and intellect, and “woman” is a category of anatomy and physiology. It’s rough thinking to confuse vast cultural and intellectual movements with the capacity to bear children.

Rough thinking? Ms. Ozick I disagree. Are you saying that there is no vast intellectual and cultural movement by women, focusing on women, exploring women’s experience? Because, if so, this book doesn’t quite add up.

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