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Nothin Better than an Algorithm

I’ve already taken it upon myself to issue advice to the GOP once. That was a pretty good post.

The Garance has some advice, too. And it’s a pretty simple, nigh-algorithmic set of principles to guide conservative talking points about Clinton, should she decide to just friggin say she’ll run already.

  1. Can the ad, statement, website, or what have you be seen as encouraging violence against women or perceived as showing a lack of concern for the well-being of female victims of violent crime?
  2. Is it physically derogatory, overtly sexual, or obscene?
  3. Does it suggest the candidate has failed at being a woman in some way — too many kids or too few, too concerned with appearance or not concerned enough, etc. etc.?

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Hassenfrassin Political Journalists

You guys, I can barely keep my eyes open for all the fact-checking that’s happening today.

So here is my question: Why can’t moderators do some fact-checking during the debate?

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Getting Realistic about Online Ads

Are online media emperors nekkid?

Are our expectations of ad-based revenue models for major digital media companies misplaced?

Derek Thompson says, resoundingly, persuasively, concisely, lord yes.

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TED, Money, And SmartyPantses

Suddenly, there was TED, right?

I mean, it got really big really quickly. I met someone recently who wants his business to be Davos-meets-TED. It’s got the status of Davos now?

TED is iconic. Of something.

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