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Comparing Candidates, Philanthropy Style

Is anyone undecided still?

If so, you should review the best comparison of the candidates on almost every important domestic issue is from the nonprofit sector’s top publication, The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

It’s weak on foreign policy, but it does offer helpful information about both candidates’ approaches to foreign aid. Guess which dude wants to shuffle off even more foreign aid into the private sector?

Meanwhile, Here’s Joss Whedon on why he supports Romney. I thought our society was headed like a blazing rocket into an alien apocalypse. But Whedon makes a good case for zombies.

“They’ll be out there, and they’ll need brains.”

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Tired of Numbers, But Happy That Debates Are Done

Girlfriend is tired, you guys. Tired of numbers used as hammers. Tired of 5 trillion and 5.4 percent and 270.

Look what happens when you know numbers:

That’s right. You get 5 trillion lumps on your head instead of in your coffee, where they belong, unless you live in NYC.


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Pre-Debate Coin-Flipping

Undecided people don’t care about foreign policy! So the Internet told me.

But the political media cares deeply about generating a self-replicating narrative that legitimates their cultural power and economic support.

And whither the bloviators go, go our votes. It’s like Ruth’s song, if Ruth were a nervously middle-class Ohio mom waiting till Thanksgiving’s over so she can wear her spangled red sweaters that she already took out of their plastic storage box and her mother-in-law is Wolf Blitzer.

Or something.

So read this pretty solid rundown from the Wonkblog morning ketchup. They do more reading before dawn than I do, um, before 9:30 am?

And Goldblog has some diamond-sharp questions for Romney. Disappointingly and surprisingly none for the Big O.

Other people have said stuff, too. Here’s what I think I know:


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When Politicians Make Humor Jokes

The New York Times thought that Obama and Romney gave “equally skillful performances” at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner, an annual jousting match memorializing the first Roman Catholic presidential candidate.

I did not.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

TfH believes quite deeply that comics—good ones, TfH-approved ones, duh—are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

Technically, sure, the brosephs performed with comparable skill. But what about the humor jokes?


Waiter, there’s a president in my soup!



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Opinion Journalists On Fire

Seriously, folks. I’ve been reading so much great stuff today that I feel like the excitable, sycophantic Chester in the old cartoons about big ol’ bulldog Spike and Sylvester the cat.

Woudja like that, Spike!?!?

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Feminists Are Not Normal Human Beings

I have been thinking about women lately.

I know.

I’m usually thinking about my investment portfolio (not as big as Romney’s!) or dressage. Or at the very least: baboons.

But the women. They’re dominating my screen.

So there’s the binders thing.

I don’t think Dora will leave the vida dolce she enjoys here.

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