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They Learn Early

Last night the preschooler told us a complex story about a giant who was carrying a baby. The giant got tired and put the baby down, but the baby still wanted to be carried. So the giant carried the baby longer. That went on for a while until the giant ate the baby. So he could get bigger. And the giant ate more babies. He kept eating babies until he got really, really big. Much bigger than a house.

It’s like the kid reads the news. He’s caught on somehow.

Politics today: compassion compassion compassion until the giant eats you.

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Mini Reviewlets: Munro Immersion

The blog has been more fallow than its usual don’t-call-it-climate-change-it’s-just-fallow state because I’m working on a long term writing project. On Alice Munro.

For money.

I haven’t been paid for my writing since we thought our computers would snap us back to the Iron Age. That dark millennial moment I took a “break” from  journalism to “get smarter” in grad school.

And on Alice Munro? Even cooler than the fluff piece I wrote back then on the Stanford Linear Accelerator. Which is to say: quantum cool.

So here’s a teaser of Munroviana to tide us over.

Continue reading

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Changes at the Blogstead

So it’s been tough to find time to blog about how I now have less time to blog.


I’m no longer for hire. Except metaphorically.

I gots me a Jobby-Job. At which I complete tasks. For the organization. From roughly 8 to roughly 5. With a suburb-to-suburb commute and podcasts (upcoming blog post: Jeff Garlin is a mensch. He has a new podcast and y’all should listen, to experience menschness in podcast form.)

I shore miss herding dirt at the ol’ blogstead. I promise you that I will keep up the dirt-herding/blog-posting. Probably at a lesser frequency, compensated by with which thereof higher quality.

To wit: this weekend, I will craft and post an epic review of Andrew Solomon’s epic tome Far From the Tree, which is shorter than you think because it’s a solid 35% endnotes, works cited, and index.

To save yourself the exquisite anticipatory agony of daily checking to see if I’ve posted, I suggest you subscribe by email. That way, you’ll get each post right next to your free Viagra subscription offers, right where TfH posts rightfully belong.

And thanks for being such a fantastic community of readers. I’m looking forward to this next stage and hope you’ll stick it out with me.

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What’s that sound?

The sound of unchecked tomfoolerstupiditwittery online?

That is the sound of Thinker for Hire on vacation.

Go in peace.

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Book Review Review: Women’s Edition

Meg Wolitzer wrote a lovely essay in the NY Times Book Review about the gender imbalance in what is known as “literary fiction.” (See my definition below the fold.) I am so glad she wrote it, and it got published, and cited Vida’s annual studies of women’s publication rates in prestigious literary outlets.

I just wanted to add a little bit of reader’s perspective. Of my personal perspective as a book-loving feminist. Yeah, I said it. People are still surprised to hear that. That I love books. Hah, no. That I’m a feminist. I hope that we live in a world where I can publish that online and still get a job! (I used an exclamation point to seem fun! Not dour and self-important!! Did it work??!!) Continue reading

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15 Years Late, a Blog

Thinking sketchily

After spending years touring the blogosphere, I have decided to open my own small outpost. This is a forum primarily for my observations about the intersections of media and culture. How are current affairs covered? How is our polarized political culture affecting public discourse? What about the good ol’ representational issues? This was some of my bread and butter as a PhD in contemporary U.S. literature: How are women represented? How does class impact the public conversation? There may also be some book reviews.

I hope to offer somewhat thoughtful posts semi-regularly as I work in communications consulting and seek opportunities to develop intellectually and professionally. Please comment here, connect with me on LinkedIn, share whole wheat pastry recipes, and let me know what you think. I am excited to use this venue to become an ever-better writer and thinker.

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