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Facticity Plasticity

The New York Times has apparently told its reporters they can’t tweet anything partisan.

If only theĀ Times had called me (hey Baquet! call me!). I’d have reminded them that, as they surely know, facts themselves are now partisan. The fact of transgender/genderqueer/nonbinary children and adults. The fact of climate change. The fact of resurgent neo-Nazi rhetoric. The fact of white privilege. The fact of the legacy of slavery persistently restricting opportunity for black people.

Lefties tend to refer to these phenomena as factual because they are. And righties tend to dispute the nature of such facts. Because anything from a liberal is biased and therefore untrue. Continue reading

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Things that Are Identity Politics

  1. Eliminating Affirmative Action
  2. Increasing the use of school vouchers and charter schools (e.g. privatizing public schools)
  3. Ending health insurance for millions of recently insured lower and middle income people (e.g. privatizing the safety net)
  4. Taking health care away from women (e.g. privatizing my uterus)
  5. Taking rights away from LGBTQ people and families
  6. Kicking undocumented people out of their homes and communities
  7. Making policies that assume all Muslims are terrorists
  8. Making policies that assume all immigrants are criminals
  9. Installing financial world cronies in government positions (e.g. privatizing government)
  10. Asserting that talking about the existence of racism is racist
  11. Asserting that talking about the existence of sexism is sexist
  12. Asserting that climate change is not human-made and withdrawing from international agreements that would prevent our kids and grandkids from living in a US too hot to survive
  13. Claiming that public schools are a disaster and need to be transformed
  14. Claiming that low income neighborhoods are a disaster and need to be transformed
  15. Claiming that 2.5 million fewer popular votes is a mandate
  16. Lying about Putin
  17. Lying about Clinton
  18. Lying about the other Clinton
  19. Lying about business investments and globally networked conflicts of interest
  20. Lying about the role of one’s family in the planned oligarchy/kleptocracy/Russian puppet government
  21. Lying about rape
  22. Lying about that thing you said last week/last month/last year
  23. Pretty much everything that’s happening in the news right now and potentially for the next four years
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