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Small Government and Family Values

Ok, there are plenty of explanations for the recent blue-washing of the country. Let’s go through them:

I get to wave my blogging wand over to pronounce all explanations reasonable.

And here’s the executive summary: GOP political and media institutions are in mortal danger of  irrelevancy to the contemporary and future USA.

As Ta-Nehisi Coates memorably rocked it, “This is not a ‘branding problem.’ This is a ‘problem problem.’

So how do you solve a problem like America?

Good thing Thinker for Hire’s on the job with a few suggestions.

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Is Obama a Centrist Republican?

Insofar as any exist. Which I know they do, in a Snuffleupagus sort of way.

Let’s consider some facts:

Obama loves business so much that he believes that market forces will improve our schools. And slow down climate change. And make quality health care more accessible.

He plans to bomb the what-what out of Iran if they don’t stop their ballyhooing and enriching. And his escalation of the drone program looks more like Elmer Fudd’s big gun than Bugs Bunny’s big carrot. Ruthlessness, collateral damage, kill lists. Everything Glen Greenwald says.

He didn’t fight, much, to regulate Wall Street, much.

Obamacare leaves the private health care industry infrastructure not only intact, but stronger. He booted out the “public option” without asking much (anything?) in return, despite the economic and moral costs of this decision.

Plus, Chris Rock.

I realize that our country has trended gently (the GOP more aggressively) rightward, such that, say, acknowledging in public that human-caused climate change is both a scientific fact and an urgent global crisis makes one a traitor to the nearly half of us red-staters.

But even in this bitterly partisan context, Obama’s pro-business and pro-war presidential actions do not smell lefty. At all. Not even close.

And yet…



What 3d world dictatorships systematically keep people from voting? Right. Swing state ones.



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Heart Stents for All!

It turns out that 43% (FORTY THREE PERCENT) of cardiac procedures were deemed unnecessary, according to evidence-based guidelines. In Michigan. Where some researchers did a study.

What makes Michigan so special?

I want my heart stent and I want it NOW. Better make it two. I plan to eat a lot of bacon and ice cream next week. Bacon ice cream.

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CBO’s Estimates of post-SCOTUS Obamacare

Ok, I thought I would stick to the lighthearted DC-on-TV blogging for today. But then on my way out I saw this post at Wonkblog.

The non-partisan spreadsheet warriors at the Congressional Budget Office calculated the effects of the Supreme Court decision that states could opt out of the act’s Medicaid expansion.

Give it to me straight, doc.

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Health Care Reform Roundup, Part 2

It took me a silly long time to check in with the New Yorker‘s coverage of the health care decision.

(When I was teaching a li’l here and there on media studies, I liked pointing out that the effete literary magazines were doing the most relevant, important journalism in the country. I’m talking the New Yorker‘s masterful long-form journalism on both domestic and international affairs. And the NY Review of Books, actually, which broke some serious stories during the Iraq War, and since.)


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Health Care Decision Roundup

Thank goodness for the Daily Beast.

Wait, did I just say that?

Here I was, trying to come up with an efficient way to understand the left and right smarties’ reactions to the health care decision. How can I possibly ingest all that opinion? Would my head have to start radiating beams of yellow light as my skull fails to withstand the pressure of so much agenda-driven analysis, combined with the stress of wading through the internet to find it?

Nope. Tina Brown did it for me. Hope her skull’s intact!

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