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Book Reviewlets: The Essential Dykes to Watch Out For

You, like me, were wondering. Every night, the salty breezes blowing across the bow of your yacht. Wondering while savoring the peaty elmish notes of scotch.

Scratching your chin stubble and wondering.

What’s the best way to relive the Iraq War?

Through Rachel Maddow’s and Errol Morris’s investigative cinematic journalism?

Through dinner parties where everyone comes dressed as their favorite CNN hologram?

Through nightmares of Abu Graib?

Man. What a bummer. Except for the hologram.

Thinker for Hire, are CNN holograms the only answer?! They CAN’T BE?!?!

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This N That (Late to Brunch)

Hey friends.

Boy, do I miss this blog. Carving out time, if I can, to review the first of this trilogy. Meanwhile, some linkity-loos.

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Seneca Falls, Selma, and Stonewall

I can’t think of a time that a president has so directly, forcefully, thoughtfully, and eloquently argued that we must pay attention to those whose voices are weakest if we want our country to fulfill its promise.


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LGBTQ Homelessness

First off, you may be amused to learn that I’ve been relaxing before bed with a 1976 Dr. Who serial in which a disembodied hand threatens to destroy the entire Earth.

For real.

That’s what’s known as an ice-breaker, before I get down to the dark business of today’s blog post.

You know those stats about LGBTQ youth? And how much greater their risk is for homelessness? HIV? Abuse?

“Netherland,” by Rachel Aviv, brings those abstract, distancing numbers to vivid life. But it’s hahssenfrassenpaywalled.

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Best Lawsuit Ever

Sometimes the news smacks you in the face, pulls your hair, stomps on your feet, and laughs at you for yelping.

Like today, when I clicked on CNN’s headline “Gay men sue counselor a who promised to make them straight.”

Innocently thinking I’d get a feel-good update on the first ever lawsuit (really?!?! Yes, so it seems…) against a so-called conversion therapist, instead I got a horrorshow of sadism in the name of religion. My religion.

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