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Too Many Know-Nothings

I keep meaning to polish a piece on the many potential, disastrous TrumpCares, but the health care news changes too fast for a day-gigging TfH to keep up! Today, though, a li’l gem came through the nethole quick enough for a brief day gig break:

DT has appointed a White House health care adviser that believes that birth control constitutes medical malpractice.

The only technology besides the printing press that singlehandedly enacted massive social change. The technology that let women work outside the home. Effect self-determination. Find meaning in an identity that is not exclusively maternal. Experience pleasure without consequence (obvies that’s the god squad’s actual problem with repro health).

Our economy relies on the pill because we need two incomes to even barely try to stay afloat.

Plus also BIRTH CONTROL PREVENTS CONCEPTION, WHICH IN TURN PREVENTS ABORTION. If you want to end abortion, give everyone a LARC. Unless abortion-hate itself masks the real belief: that women shouldn’t have sex. Which is the only way I can understand any of this.

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Orphan is the New Black

What if our darkest feminist nightmares came true?

Girls who disagree with their fathers get locked in a cage with their mouths sewn shut?

Women are killed unless they can reproduce? And when they can, they are no more or less than incubators?

Women’s bodies are objects of science, subject to constant observation and kept ignorant of their status as experiments?

Sometimes they are artificially inseminated using animal husbandry tools?

Sometimes fathers commit incest meditated by reproductive technology so it’s NOT ABOUT SEX AND/OR POWER AT ALL. Nor is it creepy. Nor is it anti-Christian.

Women on TV are seemingly infinite variants of the same thin, beautiful, vulnerably strong white woman in leather?

Everyone lives in Canada?


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Sometimes Women Have Jobs and Children Part 2

Some joker wrote a silly piece on how having just one child enabled the writerly success of some important women writers. Like Joan Didion.

It’s too silly even to take seriously. But people do. As they do any ol’ think piece giving off the subtlest whiff of “Mommy Wars” (perish the phrase, seriously, it makes me want to fling feces at my cage).

But Rebecca Mead took it seriously, as did prominent women writers with more than one child.

The only thing to say about it, really:  “The key—nothing so occult as a secret—to their ability to marry motherhood and writing has been adequate child care, which remains the desideratum of every working mother, whether she’s a writer or something else.

Also, no one’s counting up the number of children dude writers have.

Also, please shut up about women and the choices they make for their uteruses. Just shut up. Stop it.

I don’t want to see a single article ever again, ever, about women’s choices about when and how to load up their uteruses with whatever they want to load them up with. Whether or not they have jobs while making whatever choice they want to make about their uteruses and the loading therein.

Unless it’s an article about how the Supreme Court and every single legislature in our country acknowledges that what a woman chooses to do, or not, with her uterus is her own damn business and no one else’s.

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Good News for Women

And everyone who cares about eliminating unwanted pregnancies.

Plan B is now available over the counter, no matter how old a womanly customer is!!!!!! So, you know, a 15 year-old who made a mistake or whose condom broke or who was raped or whatever—really, I don’t care why she needs it—can get what she needs without finding a doctor to get her a prescription within the 36 hours of potential conception.

In related news, I came across this fantastic infographic on how to teach kids body safety and sexual safety. Send it to all your friends!


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Apples Falling Every Which Way

What book gives you nightmares, beefens your beef with anti-abortionists, forces you to rethink much of not only your academic training but your very sense of self (not the same thing, thanks), and makes you profoundly grateful for it all: the book, the life, the self, the questioning?

What book could also serve as a pretty good flak jacket?

What book made one of the all-time-best holiday gifts for a certain Thinker for Hire?

What book completely befuddles the casual book review blogger by out-booking every possible way to contain it?

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A grab bag of detritus from this week, with more extended thoughts below.


Clinton’s testimony inspired some fabulous giffing.


Mike Doughty uses his KNOWLEDGE of SINGING to ‘splain how Beyoncé was not lip-syncing and could you please lay off her already because she’s “a samurai.”

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