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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH William Saletan over a decade later admits that, oh yeah, “race” science is not science. I read his original Bell Curve post back then and was so alarmed that I stuck it in my dissertation as a footnote on the perils of oversciencing society. And have since refused to read a single fucking word by that man.

His mea culpa is decent, but it still trucks in the dubious tendency of science discourse to delegitimize other ways of learning and knowing. Continue reading

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Exploitative Headline Award: My Dissertation!

While I struggle with what may be the toughest nonfiction writing project I have yet attempted, about what I’m doing (or not doing) (or doing in a dreamy, half-assed way, like on a blog) with my dissertation research, this article came along to whet my dormant whistle.



Thanks, dummy headline writers, for making it yet harder for the gender freedom warriors to get any further along on the yellow brick road.

(Plus that religious thing about how brains are “built,” but I want to focus on sex/gender. Not on creationism and our Christian nation.)

Here’s the thing about your brain on sex:

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Higgs Boson and Crushing on Science

Yesterday, while you were prepping for the grilled beasts, or the beer pong, or the cowering, terrified pets, or the too-late outing with children to see them grin at the burning skyflowers, the science world exploded.

A possible Higgs boson left some remnants that were consistent in two separate studies at a supercollider in Geneva. Verifying the standard model of particle physics. Proving true the dominant explanation of the tiniest particles of our universe.

All the Higgs hubbub got me thinking about the role of science in our society. And my thoughts got grand, as thoughts tend to get when grappling with theories about the nature of the universe.

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