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Sometimes what I think is funny, others do not find funny. Like last week’s nearly simultaneous profiles of a co-founder of Twitter. Jack Dorsey. He of the moodiness and A-line skirt designs and, apparently, fabricated origin stories of my favorite social media platform.

See, the looser of this profile is the hero of this one.

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Twitter is Ruining Language, Part 56831

Listen, Twitter does not need my defense. It is a juggernaut.

And, inversely, N+1 does not need my analytical razor slicing away its fatty cushioning. It is a fine magazine, full of intellectual sustenance for an aspirational cultural elite.

The kind of magazine that a post-academic might read, were she free of professional obligation to keep up with academic journals but anxious to keep up the shine on her burnished noggin.


But this is the “Intellectual Situation”: N+1 has something to say about Twitter. Twitter has nothing to say about N+1.

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Getting Realistic about Online Ads

Are online media emperors nekkid?

Are our expectations of ad-based revenue models for major digital media companies misplaced?

Derek Thompson says, resoundingly, persuasively, concisely, lord yes.

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Mainlining Thinker for Hire

Do you want to get your daily TfH rants, prods, and chuckles in your Facebook and Twitter feeds?

Like me here and follow me there.

Well done!

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When Facebook Married NASDAQ

Here’s an unusually reasonable assessment of Facebook, now that it’s all grown up and gone public.

Now, I’m not a tech investor. I’m not paid to tell you what to think about Mark Zuckerberg.¬† I’m barely on Facebook. I’m just an unfrozen caveman Phil Hartman fan who lived through the first tech boom and bust.

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