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A Quick Corrective about “Traditional Marriage”

“Traditional marriage” was a property rights agreement. And God liked it that way. According to the Torah/Bible.

Biblical marriage was polygamy. And God liked it that way. According to the Torah/Bible.

Romantic marriage, as we know it now, is relatively modern in human history. Younger than a couple hundred years.

Straight marriage has about a 50% failure rate. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY PEOPLE. Except when sometimes closeted people divorce so that they can pursue same-sex relationships and their spouses can finally have a real romantic partnership.

Children have one parent, four parents, three parents (or no parents) all the time, EVEN WHEN ALL THE PARENTS ARE STRAIGHT.

Same-sex couples have been raising children for decades. Studies about their well-being exist*. THESE CHILDREN ARE FINE.

Except that, under federal law, their families are illegitimate. Second class. Subject to additional financial, legal, and health threats because of this second-class status.

So until their families are recognized by law as no threat at all to our world order, they will not be all the way fine.

*PS I’d add to Marcotte’s rundown of the “concern trolling” the arguments I heard yesterday on NPR about how gay marriage is a “young institution” and it’s “too soon” to know what “effects” it may have on society. This enrages me so much I’m barely articulate.

All I can say is: if my best friends’ kids, with two moms, will trigger the apocalypse, this f-in society may deserve it.


UPDATE: “Journalistic objectivity” demands that when a source on NPR claims that “we know nothing” about the “broad social effects” of this “new institution” of gay marriage, a freakin journalist points out, after the interview, on the air, that in fact WE DO KNOW THE EFFECTS. And those effects are virtually nil. There are STUDIES. Already. BAH.

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SCOTUS is a Monkey House

Man, elections make people nutsobananas.

But, it turns out, so does affirmative action. Nina Totenberg brought some bananas to the monkeyhouse.

Chief Justice Roberts, returning to the question of what constitutes a critical mass of minority students, asked: When is enough, enough?

Verrilli said the school looks at many factors — information about classroom diversity, retention and graduation rates, and information about racial incidents on campus, among other things. The school, however, cannot measure success by numbers, he said, because that would be a quota.

“We should probably stop calling it critical mass then,” said Justice Scalia, noting that mass suggests numbers.

Verrilli agreed with this characterization, prompting Scalia to offer a solution: “Call it a cloud or something like that.”

Because cloud is the new black.

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Health Care Reform Roundup, Part 2

It took me a silly long time to check in with the New Yorker‘s coverage of the health care decision.

(When I was teaching a li’l here and there on media studies, I liked pointing out that the effete literary magazines were doing the most relevant, important journalism in the country. I’m talking the New Yorker‘s masterful long-form journalism on both domestic and international affairs. And the NY Review of Books, actually, which broke some serious stories during the Iraq War, and since.)


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Health Care Decision Roundup

Thank goodness for the Daily Beast.

Wait, did I just say that?

Here I was, trying to come up with an efficient way to understand the left and right smarties’ reactions to the health care decision. How can I possibly ingest all that opinion? Would my head have to start radiating beams of yellow light as my skull fails to withstand the pressure of so much agenda-driven analysis, combined with the stress of wading through the internet to find it?

Nope. Tina Brown did it for me. Hope her skull’s intact!

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There are only two kinds of muppets

According to Dahlia Lithwick at Slate. I started reading her article for the Muppets. (Only two kinds? Hubbawaaaaaaa?!?!?! Surely Beaker is his own kind!)

Like I said, I started reading for the Muppets. But I stayed for the Supreme Court Analysis:

One possible explanation for the blossoming dysfunctionality of the current Supreme Court is that the Order Muppets have all but taken over. With exception of Justices Breyer and Antonin Scalia, the Order Muppets are running the show completely. (The jury is still out on whether Elena Kagan may prove a Chaos Muppet.) Remember the old rule of thumb: Too many Order Muppets means no cookies for anyone.

Hah! This is awesome!

But then it went back to the Muppet Theory of Marriage Counseling.

So I call on you, Internet: Put the Muppets back onto the Supreme Court.

Our democracy depends on it.

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Health Care Reform Death Watch?

I have no idea! The more commentary I read on the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the less I know about its chances of survival.

Here’s a speculation that it could survive even without the mandate.

Here’s a long article refuting the doomsayers. It is based on actual knowledge of the way the Supreme Court works. It helps to have the print version to carry around with you until you finish it. Unless you’ve got a few hours of computer time to spare this weekend.

Here’s a related (why did this make me laugh?) article about the Supreme Court hitting new lows. In approval rating (44%).

Apparently 7/8 of those surveyed believed that the justices make decisions based on more than neutral legal analysis.


Whether or not it’s true (achooscalia!), it’s a stunning indicator of how little we believe in the possibility of neutrality. And how deeply we expect political belief to influence us, even the best of us. Even those of us with the greatest responsibility to remain impartial.

And only 24% of those surveyed want the PPACA to stay intact. An astonishing indicator of how poorly the Democrats have sold the legislation these past 3 years.

By Independence Day, we’ll know! At least some people will be celebrating the foundations of our democracy. By then, we’ll know which people.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping in!

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