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This N That (Late to Brunch)

Hey friends.

Boy, do I miss this blog. Carving out time, if I can, to review the first of this trilogy. Meanwhile, some linkity-loos.

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Sometimes what I think is funny, others do not find funny. Like last week’s nearly simultaneous profiles of a co-founder of Twitter. Jack Dorsey. He of the moodiness and A-line skirt designs and, apparently, fabricated origin stories of my favorite social media platform.

See, the looser of this profile is the hero of this one.

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Fallows Takes us Unside Foxconn

James Fallows rules.

I inaugurated TfH with a long post about Mike Daisey’s unsurprisingly stereotypical portrayal of Foxconn. A dramatic monologue more “inspired by” truth (and by imaginary truths) than “reported.”

But even Fallows, an experienced reporter in China, savvy to the ways our fears and anxieties about China distort our perceptions, expected Foxconn to be more sweatshoppy—company towny, at the very least—than the apparently leisurely and accommodating facilities he toured.

Coffee and Newspaper Break

Fallows responsibly notes that he spent only a few hours there, etc etc. Still, I can’t wait for his magazine article on this.

Yay journalism!

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An Education Mini-Festo

I was thinking about my recent post about cultural conflicts within higher ed while I read about the Chicago teachers’ strike and listened to the latest This American Life podcast about education.

I had some thoughts.

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The ‘Are You Kidding Me?’ Apple News

Some JP Morgan economists are saying that the iPhone 5 will ensure Obama’s election.

Not really. They are saying that the iPhone 5 will stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.

In fact, they calculated that the iPhone 5 could add a whopping 0.5 percentage points to our 4th quarter GDP.

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Getting Realistic about Online Ads

Are online media emperors nekkid?

Are our expectations of ad-based revenue models for major digital media companies misplaced?

Derek Thompson says, resoundingly, persuasively, concisely, lord yes.

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