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Revisiting Battlestar Galactica

From the misty distance of zero years, it’s time for us to revisit, once more, the Iraq war era.

Battlestar Galactica: your ending disappointed me. I mean, you were no Lost. But you were pretty much like Lost.

Still, your attempts to treat science fiction like the provocative genre it should be—your realization that stories about the future (or the past) are always about now, and that now is pretty interesting—and your respectable effort to spread the beefcake around (but, come on) have led me to rewatch you like you’re Star Trek, or something.


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On the Sound of Music Remake

Yup. Another pointless remake from studios who realized that they don’t need to pay good writers anymore. Y’all can wind your watches by it–except no one wears watches anymore bc checking the time is another excuse to get sucked into the smartphones.

What about the plot about how a white, blond, wealthy, non-disabled, non-gay, non-Jewish, non-Roma, non-anything-Hitler-disliked family had to flee the Nazis or be killed?

What are they gonna do with that story?

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I’m Talkin’ Fringe. Again.

I got babies on the mind.

What? No, not me. It’s the politics.

Defining rape. And who controls women’s bodies. And whether or not Planned Parenthood is good for our country. (Spoiler alert: I think it is).

So in celebration of today’s referendum on Obama’s historic first term, here’s a post for you on the fate of the nuclear family on Fox’s Fringe. (Spoiler alert: it’s doomed.)

The poster says “RESIST” and the lady is a beautiful martyr.

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Thinker for Hire Watches TV Too

Real TV. Really. Not PBS or documentaries about melting iceburgs. Dumb sitcoms. Dramedies. Two-camera jokeathons. I love them.

Rather than focusing on all the pain and absurdity of the past two days’ news, I’m throwing myself eyeball-deep into the waters of new TV.

I’m talking Parenthood. I’m talking The New Normal. I’m talking The Mindy Project. What else? Yeah, I think I watched Ben and Kate. I wish I hadn’t. I spent that 25 minutes checking my phone.

I don’t get invited to my exes’ weddings but if I did I still might not wear that dress.

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