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I Hate to Critize Gawande, But

His recent analysis of the latest way that the GOP has screwed itself and their voters by worshipping a fantasy of a “free” market and a white, straight, born-here manvoter who can act unencumbered (swing around his big ol’ wallet, rub it on anything) within that “free” market presupposes its own falsehood: that this administration and its Congress respond to rational argument, evidence, and voters’ needs to see a fucking doctor without going broke. (Or breathe clean air. Or use a bathroom without getting clobbered. Or not die in nuclear holocaust. Or conventional holocaust. Or smoking rubble of a formerly greenish planet.)

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Seems Like a No-Brainer

I am glad that Michael Sandel’s new book is getting lots of review coverage. He’s an Ivy League philosophy professor, telling us that we shouldn’t let market thinking invade and corrupt our most meaningful, human, experiences.

Hunh. Really?

It’s one of those books where you hear the premise and think, in the parlance of my youth, “no doy!”

But when he piles on the examples of our shift from a “market economy” to a “market society,” it starts to seem less trite and more threatening.

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