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Nothin Better than an Algorithm

I’ve already taken it upon myself to issue advice to the GOP once. That was a pretty good post.

The Garance has some advice, too. And it’s a pretty simple, nigh-algorithmic set of principles to guide conservative talking points about Clinton, should she decide to just friggin say she’ll run already.

  1. Can the ad, statement, website, or what have you be seen as encouraging violence against women or perceived as showing a lack of concern for the well-being of female victims of violent crime?
  2. Is it physically derogatory, overtly sexual, or obscene?
  3. Does it suggest the candidate has failed at being a woman in some way — too many kids or too few, too concerned with appearance or not concerned enough, etc. etc.?

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One More Thing about the Debate

If we’re going to talk about affect and the debates, which I don’t think we should, but everyone is anyway.

When Romney is aggressive and hostile, it’s “confident.” Romney wins. Even though he lied a bunch.

When Obama is aggressive and hostile, it’s “snippy,” “unprepared,” and “scowling.” Obama loses.

Do you think that has anything at all to do with how Obama has to fight our perceptions of him as an angry black man?

Do you think that has anything at all to do with Obama’s choices to hang back on the attacks? Even when Romney was egregiously lying? To attempt coolly verbal, complex explanations of why his policies are better and Romney’s don’t add up?

“Cold” and “professorial” are the media’s biggest critiques of him. But he has to stay cool, no matter what, lest he triggers the angry black man trope.

Any angrier and he’d have lost control over his carefully tended accommodation of the double-standard we apply to successful black people.


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Ryan’s Speech Breaks the Media

I have been trying not to get sucked into the media maelstrom spinning with hurricane force around the convention.

Metaphor purposeful, if perhaps a bit disrespectful.

But then I saw this post on the reliably neutral Wonkblog, about Paul Ryan’s convention speech.

Ezra Klein wanted to stay neutral! He really did! But there were just too many lies!

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Autism Awareness Month


You may have known that April is the cruelest month. You may not have known it is also Autism Awareness Month. To commemorate it, the Light It Up Blue campaign persuaded White Castle, the Empire State Building, the Hungarian Parliament Building (pictured above) and other institutions all over the world to light their buildings blue on April 2. A beautiful display of global support and community.

This photo came from the Atlantic’s series of images commemorating Autism Awareness Month.

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