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This American Life Defines Privilege

I keep wanting to blog about Mad Men, but I haven’t the time to do it properly! And as Momma always told me, if you can’t blog properly, don’t blog at all.

Meanwhile, I caught the first act of the latest TAL on my commute this morning. An aimless, laid-off white dude walks across the USA: “Walking to Listen,” as he puts it. On a sign. To avoid looking homeless?

And gol dernit if he didn’t remind me that every “American” story is a white straight man’s story.

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Pig Butts!

The funniest thing about this episode of TAL is that while listening to a long, fragrantly detailed story about eating pig butts, I still managed to eat with gusto several fingers worth of chocolate chip cookie dough. And the baked cookies besides.

And I disagree with the Slate reporter: Fred Armisen imitating Ira Glass was even more intimate than usual, because it was like I was a part of their big, hilarious, mutually appreciative in-joke. Like the best parts of high school.

Pig butts! Industry insiders call it “bung.” Pig rectum. Rumored to be a substitute for calamari at middlebrow dining estabs. Sliced thin and deep fried. Like the best parts of high school.

Them’s some pig-butt-eatin’ grins.

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An Education Mini-Festo

I was thinking about my recent post about cultural conflicts within higher ed while I read about the Chicago teachers’ strike and listened to the latest This American Life podcast about education.

I had some thoughts.

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