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The End of the F***ing TV

Lo these yon two years I’ve mediated on a moment in S1 of The End of the F***ing World: After cleaver-tongue Alyssa catches eyes-as-deep-as-he’s-tall James getting molested in a diner bathroom, she asks him, “When something bad happens to you, you don’t need to let it. Did something bad happen to you when you were small?”

This fictional high schooler voiced so concisely what I labored 2 score years to therapy into my own head.

So imagine my teary delight when, recently Netflixxing off an overindulgent happy hour, I was able to stream straight to the end of the f***ing second season.

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That R Kelly Thing

Last night I gave myself the gift of finally finishing TV’s The Handmaid’s Tale, which, despite its frustrating offness about race and its Girl with the Dragon Tattooism, entertained and evoked. Still, I was relieved to see the finale and move on to less passively torturey entertainments.

So when the R. Kelly story broke–or rather, when the latest in a multi-decades-long string of R. Kelly pedophile/abuser stories broke, I was already dwelling on assholes using religion to justify structural domination of women, people of color, and gender/sex minorities.

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Millennial Endtimes: #MrRobot

Last week, real-life Mr. Robots hacked San Francisco’s rail system to give thousands of riders free rides through the glossy playground of what a dear friend calls the Google Babies: tech economy fortunates who transformed SF from a proudly dirty queer/alt/boho haven to a Bubble city.

Bubble, bubble. Toil and trouble.

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Masters of Sex Season Finale Reviewlet

In the year of Hillary, a nuanced drama about power and intimacy reverted to a story about ambitious women who are, in fact, lying bullies whose success depends on manipulating the good men unfortunate enough to love them. 

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I watched Bojack Horseman

It has to be a cartoon horse, for me to care about a middle aged white guy’s problems.

It’s a good show.

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My Review of The Americans

The Cold War


Which one’s the metaphor?

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