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I Have Thoughts on “Cat Person”

Some New Yorker fiction about a bad date went viral, in part because many content-absorbers thought it was non-fiction.

Much of the online fretting about the story focuses on the morality of the characters, the nature of the “consensual but unwanted” sex, the relative relatability of the characters (women relate to the woman, many men hate her, and also hate the man, inversely relating to them both, enraged as if she were a real woman person who dissed their dicks, as if they were Weinstein destroying Mira Sorvino’s career), the backlash about how relatability isn’t the point of fiction, and then defensiveness about how, actually, relatability is quite difficult to accomplish. Continue reading

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Sometimes what I think is funny, others do not find funny. Like last week’s nearly simultaneous profiles of a co-founder of Twitter. Jack Dorsey. He of the moodiness and A-line skirt designs and, apparently, fabricated origin stories of my favorite social media platform.

See, the looser of this profile is the hero of this one.

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Twitter is Ruining Language, Part 56831

Listen, Twitter does not need my defense. It is a juggernaut.

And, inversely, N+1 does not need my analytical razor slicing away its fatty cushioning. It is a fine magazine, full of intellectual sustenance for an aspirational cultural elite.

The kind of magazine that a post-academic might read, were she free of professional obligation to keep up with academic journals but anxious to keep up the shine on her burnished noggin.


But this is the “Intellectual Situation”: N+1 has something to say about Twitter. Twitter has nothing to say about N+1.

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Mainlining Thinker for Hire

Do you want to get your daily TfH rants, prods, and chuckles in your Facebook and Twitter feeds?

Like me here and follow me there.

Well done!

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Watch Out, Social Media!

Hi friends. I finally screwed my head on and put Thinker for Hire onto Facebook and Twitter.

If you are  so inclined, I would love your follows and likes and whatnots. LOVE THEM.

Of course, I welcome the time suck involved with extending Thinker for Hire’s reach into yet more social networks.

No really. I do.


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