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Call Wes Anderson! (#MadMen)

Every time Sally and Glen show up in the same frame, it gets a little Rushmore in the joint.

Teenage posturing is timeless, but dressing it in late 60s garb? That s*@$t should be trademarked.

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Moonrise Kingdom and Are You My Mother?

Subtitle (less SEO-friendly): The Visual Language of Loneliness.

In the kind of coincidence that Alison Bechdel, in thrall to psychoanalysis, would say isn’t a coincidence at all, I was more than halfway through Bechdel’s new graphic novel when I saw Moonrise Kingdom this weekend.

And while I fear that combining the two reviews might short-shrift each, they are just so compelling together. Not quite peanut butter and chocolate, though.

More like, you know, beet gnocchi and horseradish ricotta. (Totally stole that from this restaurant I like).

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How You Should Spend Your Next Three Minutes

I’m going to see Moonrise Kingdom this weekend! Stay tuned for a review next week.

Meanwhile, if you have 3:05 minutes to spare, and you comprehend the comic majesty of Bill Murray (or know you would if given the chance), please watch this.

“No money can make that right, can it?”

You’re welcome.

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Nobody Understands Me!

New Wes Anderson movie!!!


But wait, isn’t he the king of using super-extra style to cover over a lack of substance?

Don’t we want EMOTION in our films? Isn’t all that precious, twee, hipster, white, wealthy, careful, controlled style just NOT WHAT MOVIES ARE FOR?

Too much postmodern posture, and not enough human feeling?

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