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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH William Saletan over a decade later admits that, oh yeah, “race” science is not science. I read his original Bell Curve post back then and was so alarmed that I stuck it in my dissertation as a footnote on the perils of oversciencing society. And have since refused to read a single fucking word by that man.

His mea culpa is decent, but it still trucks in the dubious tendency of science discourse to delegitimize other ways of learning and knowing. Continue reading

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A Big Ol’ Post about Fat

How many food metaphors can I layer into this blog post about fat and society?

How many cupcakes can Hannah Horvath eat in the tub?

A lot. At least two.

Friends, I’ve been reading a gallon about fat and obesity lately. I was wondering if there was enough meat there to warrant a whole blog post, and if I’d have time to get the souffle just right, and where the rest of the 72% chocolate went. And then I read this thing by Saletan, William Saletan who took seriously the idea that race determines intelligence, William Saletan whose Slate column continues nonetheless, about the curiouser and curiouser inconsistencies in reporting about weight and health.

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